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  • Gallup’s research says,

    “A Fully Engaged Customer brings 23% more revenue over the average ones”

    Engage with your potential customers with
    world's first engagement BOT, MAGNET

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Case studies

Brands & Advertising

Our brands now have a significantly greater in-store recall. Customers who are likely to "Buy today" have increased.

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Retail Stores

Magnet has given us a mechanism to engage our customers better. We have also have been able to monetize shelf space.

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Cafes & Restaurants

Being hyperlocal way of advertising, we have been able to attract more customers in our restaurants.

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Salon & Spa

We have been able to advertise about our products as well in our Salon. Our overall product sales revenue have increased.

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Hospitals & Clinics

We have been able to educate patients & collect data to improve our services.

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Corporate & Events

Magnet digital signage has brought experience to our events like never before.

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Banking & Finance

We have been able to cross-sell to our customers & also monetize from advertisements.

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Research & Analytics

We use magnet regularly to measure effectiveness of our content in real life.

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I am an Advertiser. How can MintM help? I am an agency looking for innovative options for my clients? How can MintM help? I am a Retailer. Can MintM help me monetize my footfall at my stores? How much time does it take to set up a campaign on Magnet? Is there any setup cost for me as an advertiser on Magnet?


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